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Medejin releases Tomo Nakayama produced single “Real Ones” 

Seattle dreamwavers, Medejin (pronounced meh-deh-JEAN) just released their new single "Real Ones" produced by acclaimed artist Tomo Nakayama on December 4th following a premiere on KEXP.   Born out of feelings of frustration and uncertainty, the song became a socially distanced collaboration between band leader and songwriter Jenn Taranto and Tomo in the first months of Covid when seeing the rest of the members of Medejin was out of the question. 

Named after Jenn's birthplace in Colombia, Medejin came to life in the fall of 2016 after her move cross country from the east coast. Garnering attention from KEXP with the release of their debut EP "Eleni" in 2018, Medejin has performed live in-studio on "Audioasis" with Eva Walker. They have shared the stage with Pacific Northwest powerhouses DoNormaal, Bear Axe, Antonioni, Red Ribbon and Tres Leches as well as national touring bands Versus, +/- and Balún. The band was also a recipient of Ijeoma Oluo's Seattle Artist Relief Fund this past spring. 

Despite being a departure from their usual process and instrumentation, the song preserves what Medejin does best - creating a euphoric, disarming intimacy that leaves listeners quietly, beautifully, devastated. "Real Ones" is one of their strongest songs yet. 

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