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Nestled in the Aburrá Valley of the Andes Mountains in Colombia lies Medellín, city of eternal spring. Named after the birthplace of band leader Jenn Taranto (vocals/guitar/keyboard), Seattle’s Medejin creates lush, ethereal dreamwave. Featuring Rebecca Gutterman (guitar), Ben Dorcy (bass) and Matthew Cooke (backing vocals/drums), their sound is euphoric with a disarming intimacy.


Exploring themes of love, loss, self-doubt and motherhood, Medejin's highly anticipated debut LP "The Garden” (on Icy Cold Records / Den Tapes) is heavy and fragile all at once, wistful yet joyous. Floating between dreampop, post-rock and indie, the album has quickly become a favorite of famed radio station KEXP, hitting #5 on the station's Top 10 the week of its release, #58 on its Top 90.3 albums of 2023, and landing in several DJs' Top 10 releases of the year. The Seattle Times also named “The Garden" among the best albums of 2023. Medejin have performed live in-studio on KEXP's "Audioasis" with Eva Walker and were included in the lineup for Seattle's Belltown Bloom with artists such as L7, Mannequin Pussy, and Skating Polly. They were also invited to perform at Capitol Hill Block Party and have collaborated with the likes of EMA and Tomo Nakayama. 

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"Medejin come from Seattle and have long been on the radar of renowned radio stations such as KEXP which has repeatedly praised their effervescent mix of dream-pop and alt-rock with often intimate and delicate tones....The rarefied atmospheres of "January" and "Everything's Out of Tune", more gritty moments like "Our Apartment" make it clear that we are faced with a band capable of writing excellent music, creating elegant arrangements in an album that ensnares and enchants between nostalgia and passion." - Valentina Natale, Indie for Bunnies

“Shell”, the opening track of Medejin’s The Garden, is one hell of a first impression...The more layered rest of the album shows they don’t have just one mode, but when they do dial this kind of music up, they nail it...Although I’m impressed with the pop side of The Garden, I don’t want to understate what the band does on its eleven songs, either; they refer to it as both a dream pop and a post-rock album, and the textures that Medejin explore both underneath and in between Taranto’s vocal melodicism bear this out in a pleasing and interesting way. Creating a pop album in this realm requires more than a bit of cooperation and synchronicity, and that’s exactly where Medejin excel." - Rosy Overdrive

"...let’s talk about this striking debut LP. It’s hard to nail down exactly what kind of music Medejin plays (but I can feebly try: gothic pop? alt-synthwave? mood-rock?), but you can absolutely feel what it’s giving when it’s in your ears....This is their definitive sound, and it’s worth submerging yourself completely in." - Rob Moura, Wash Magazine

Jenn Taranto could probably project deep longing singing housing listings in the newspaper… “Real Ones” is lovers rock for the space between us, no matter how far that space stretches. - Martin Douglas, KEXP

Medejin's new single, "World's Fair," is probably their most engaging and fully realized song to date. As drummer Matthew Cooke tattoos the skins with a complex pattern, guitarists Rebecca Gutterman and Taranto pluck a constellation of gorgeous spangles. Taranto's voice is a silky, languorous delight, and the whole thing recalls Cocteau Twins, but without the booming beats and million-dollar production values. "World's Fair" is a dreamy sigh of a song.  - Dave Segal, The Stranger

A similar dissonance can be felt in Seattle dreamwave quartet Medejin’s new single. Titled “World’s Fair,” the song barrels in with a bright and sunny, almost surfy, disposition but a dark cloud looms and slowly envelopes the song by the end. Like their ethereal forebears Cocteau Twins and PJ Harvey, Medejin may not be capable of making a truly “happy” song and I’m quite okay with that. - Jasmine Albertson, KEXP

Everything a great dream-pop track needs is here, in spades: Jenn Taranto’s ethereal vocals pas de deux with her’s and Rebecca Gutterman’s textural guitars while the bittersweet melody’s given a mesmerizing pulse by bassist Ramsey Troxel and drummer Matthew Cooke (the latter’s rolling, complex but incredibly musical work is especially striking). Damn, this is pretty. - Tony Kay, Artist Home

Jenn Taranto - vocals, lyrics, guitar, keyboard
Rebecca Gutterman - guitar
Ramsey Troxel - bass
Matthew Cooke - drums, backing vocals

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